This is beauty.

This is beauty.

This is Blakely.

Here is a video of Blakely Elizabeth (bumblebee) from the very first moments of her life to now. Thank you to all who have walked with us on this journey. We are still hoping, believing and fighting because of you guys. We love you all!

12 thoughts on “This is beauty.

  1. Michael, I don’t think we’ve met, but we know your parents through CRU at Auburn and have been touched by your story. We are committed to praying for Blakely; for God’s wlll to be done and His glorious work shown through her. Your blog is a beautiful expression of the work God is doing in your lives, and I appreciate your honesty. Love and prayers to your family and give your parents a big hug from me!

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  2. No one will ever appreciate the sound of your babies first cry like a mother who was told she probably won’t hear it… I cried wth your with your precious ones cry! I may not know you personally but from one HoPE mom to another I feel connected to other hope families on a deeper level then some of my closest friends. Thank you for sharing her!!!

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  3. Emily, Michael and Sweet, Sweet
    Blakey, thank you for the privilege of being part of the miracle of her birth. Each birth is special, but, that was a joyous occasion I will never forget!! I could feel the love in the room and was blessed to be able to meet and care for your family and beautiful daughter. She has touched the hearts of many. My love and prayers go with you, always!!

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  4. Absolutely incredible – thank you for sharing this precious video of Blakely with us! She is beautiful, a wonder, an incredible gift of our heavenly Father. Continued prayers for you all and much love!


  5. Praying for your family. Look up Eric Brown Photography. They have been walking in the same shoes for a few years with their beautiful daughter, Pearl.

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