Hey everyone,

Life has been crazy and good and today is a big day for our little girl, Blakely. She had MRI pictures taken of her brain and we are going to the doctor at 12:45pm to get the results. We have a mix of emotions. But over the last month Emily and I have been encouraged and lifted up by God’s people and by God himself. We feel totally different today about the whole situation compared to 2 months ago – our faith is growing. We believe in a God who heals and a God who does the impossible and a God who loves and a God who is good. God loves Blakely and God loves us and I can rest in that. Our hearts right now our vulnerable and we are weak and we are being challenged but we believe. I am expecting God to be who he says he is. Emily and I are going to follow him – we belong to him and we love him.

Pray for the results and for healing and for the doctors. Pray for Emily and I as we have no idea what we are doing. Pray for housing opportunities in Florida and pray for us to make wise decisions over the next few months.

We love you guys!


Michael, Emily and Blakely



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