Blakely’s Secret

Blakely has been keeping a secret for us that we want her to tell you in her own way. In the early morning of the day that she would pass away we put this shirt on her. She wore it proudly and she wore it well.

Blakely is the proud big sister to her little brother! On January 1, 2018, Emily and I found out that we were having another child. As you can imagine the news of having another child was received with a little bit of a freak out session (lol). We felt way, way, way over our heads. We had questions run through our minds like, “What if we don’t have a healthy child or what if we lose this baby or what if everything is completely fine but this baby is a pain in the butt?” So many questions and thoughts and doubts and joy and hope rushed through our minds over the following weeks.

A week after we found out that we were going to be a family of 4, Blakely was intubated in the hospital. Everything began to unhinge and our new member of the family was put into the back of our minds. We walked with Blakely as far as we could as a family. We walked her right up to the end. Blakely would die in the arms of her beloved mommy and right next to her beloved little brother. It brings me great comfort to know that he was right there with her. I like to think that as Blakely laid against Emily’s belly that our little guy reached out his hand to press against her body – I know that this is wishful thinking and somewhat fairy-tale-like thinking, but man, doesn’t that idea just make you smile and cry. I like this idea. But either way both Blakely and her little brother were together . We were for a moment in space, history and time a whole family. It was a rich time. It was a sacred time. A once in a lifetime experience.

So without further explanation, Blakely would like to introduce you to her beloved little brother

Welcome to the world my little man. There is much to learn and much to tell you. You are going to be part of a messy, broken and hurting family, but you are sign to us that God is still working. You are a sign that there is still work to be done. You are a sign that life still matters.

You inherit Blakely’s legacy, you inherit her story, you will walk where she has walked and you will be part of a world that she was part of. You will find her in the simple things – you will see her in the way your mommy and daddy look at you. You will feel her in the way your mommy and daddy hold you. You will know her presence as we tell her story and as we share our memories. You will feel her love when you see us cry when we share about her life, her hair, her beautiful face, her big yawns and her slow blinks. Little man, your sister loves you, your sister prays for you and your sister gives you the gift of having parents who are sweetly broken (lol) and a family who has learned to let go and who has learned to suffer and to live at the same time. Welcome dude! You belong and you are loved! You are my son and I love you always!

I am proud of my daughter and I am proud of my son. They are teaching me many things. They are teaching me that love looks like letting go more than holding on. They are teaching me that love is found in darkness and light and that love does not relent and that love cannot be held down in place but rather love is something to behold with no restraints. You guys (my son and daughter) are something to behold and may God do what he must and may God write his story.

Details about baby boy:

– Healthy baby!!!

– Emily is 23 weeks

– Due date is September 11th (of course!)

– He is a big fan of Lebron James

– He is ridiculously good looking

Please pray for us as we go through the pregnancy journey again. So many feelings and a lot of worries. Thank you and we love each of you!

16 thoughts on “Blakely’s Secret

  1. Oh my goodness gracious!!!!!! Happy tears happy tears!!!!! God knew exactly when you would need this little boy, and he sent him right on time. We are SOOOOO happy for you guys!!!! Now let’s just pray he also inherits Blakelys hair 😉


  2. How wonderful! Congratulations! Our prayers are with you and thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You and your family are loved by so many!


  3. Congratulations! So happy for you. Michael, I know you do not know me. I know your mother-in-law. I have been following your posts from the beginning. You have touched my heart with your words. God has gifted you with such a talent of putting words on paper. I hope you know that and will continue to use them to bless others.

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  4. I am ugly crying right now. The picture of Blakely wearing her big sister shirt. They know each other and she will always be right there with you all. Family of four. I am so so happy for all of you. Happy Mother’s Day, Emily!

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  5. I cannot express in words, not gifted like you two, but I want you to know how happy I am for you. That little Blakely knows how to do it, doesn’t she? Sporting that Big Sister outfit! Thanking God the little man is healthy and continuing to pray for all of you.

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  6. So happy for you guys. What a blessing for all. Blakely wore that shirt beautifully! Congratulations!

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  7. Oh my goodness!!! Actually, Oh GOD’S goodness!!!! Great big happy tears going on here!!! This is the most wonderful Mother’s Day news! Thank you, dear parents and Blakely, for sharing with the world, and in such a special, precious way!!

    Long distance hugs…,

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  8. And it is fitting that on Mother’s Day weekend Blakely announces her new baby brother. I must admit that I have had a” feeling “ that there might be a miracle happening!!! All the Love and good wishes surround this baby and his wonderful parents always!! Can’t wait to see and hear updates and hopefully sharing in some small way the celebration that will surround this most special event! Welcome earth bound Baby Boy P!!

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  9. What a gift! Good things happen on 9/11. It was my beloved Eric’s birthday and a reminder to us after 2001 that God’s good gifts outshine the darkness.

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  10. I have never been more joyful at the announcement of an impending birth! God is so good! I, too, hope your little fella has Blakely’s gorgeous hair! I’ll be praying for you, Emily & your precious baby boy!


  11. Congratulations! You don’t know me but I heard of your story through Dori. 🙂 I have cried reading your posts about your daughter, Blakely. Even though I don’t know you personally, I am so thankful for you guys and how you have journeyed through your story by clinging to the gospel. Your story tells the mystery of praise and worship in times of suffering. I am so very touched by your story and am so excited for your new baby. God bless!

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