Flower Girl

This is a letter to Blakely from Blakely’s Aunt Rileigh (Michael’s little sister). Rileigh is married and lives in Tallahassee Florida where she leads a youth group at a local church.

Dear Blakely,

You were the most beautiful flower girl! Your bright blue eyes and heart stamped nose captivates me with awe and fills me with joy. Thank you for preparing and leading the way down the aisle. You did a fantastic job! Maybe too good of a job, you stole the show! I would have wanted it no other way. You see Blakely, even though you were just a baby, you led and are still leading a lot of us down the aisle to the alter of Christ. You were so faithful. God has used your story to remind us that He is in control and to point us to His vast love for each of us. You truly allowed your light to shine before others, that we all could see the glory of your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). Well done Blakely. You are my beautiful flower girl!

The second time you were dressed in white you were leading Bridget down the aisle. You were just as beautiful and stunning with those bright eyes, flowing hair and heart stamped nose. Leading up to the wedding, you were not feeling too great. Your medicine had made you constipated and you had not pooped for nearly an entire week. I know now that you were just waiting for the opportune moment for us to bond.

That morning you took medicine to help you go poo poo. Well you made it through the hustle and bustle before the wedding and you even made it through the ceremony! You held it in when Loli was holding you. You knew someone special needed that gift… I was so excited for it to be my turn to hold you!

I picked you up eagerly. Not even two minutes in, you let loose. Oh girl did you let loose! You must have taken after your Daddy. It was seeping out of your diaper onto your dress and then onto mine! I started shouting for Pop who was conveniently so distracted in conversation that he could not hear me. When he finally turned around we worked together to clean you up! As silly as this story is, I am so thankful. I am so thankful you waited for me! I am so thankful for the laughter and joy the story brings me. I look forward to the day where we will laugh about the story together.

Thank you sweet Blakely for the joy. Thank you for directing my attention to the Lord’s faithfulness. Thank you for who you are and the light you share with all of us. I love you my sweet flower girl.

Aunt Rileigh

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