A Picture Of The Gospel

This letter was written by Bridget Puckett (Blakely’s Aunt). She lives in Citrus County and would visit Blakely frequently when she was hospitalized in St. Petersburg. Bridget works for United Way and is the wife to Connor Puckett (Michael’s brother).

Dear Blakely,

It’s your Aunt Bridget! It’s the one who came to your home nearly every day in anticipation of you. It is the one that admired your heart shaped nose and sweet, innocent eyes. It is the one that held your hand and stared, hoping you could understand my warmth and love I had for you. It is the one you changed, day by day.

Dear Blakely, how is Heaven? Have you made friends? Does Jesus hold you dear like your family did on Earth? What is he like, is he teaching you what you taught me?

Blakely, your parents miss you. Your Uncle Connor and I miss you. We want you back with us. We want you to be apart of Tripp’s life. We want you to run through the house, filling it with laughter. We want to see you grow day by day. We want to know what your personality will be like: are you gentle-spirited or confident and courageous? Are you soft-spoken or loud and outgoing? Do you love soccer or football, pink or purple? We want these things so desperately my sweet girl. But we know. We know you are where you are supposed to be.

Blakely bumblebee, can I tell you something? You scared me. You made me reach deeply inward and grasp for a breath of air, trying to escape from the evil I felt claiming your own body. You seized and seized and did not stop. Your monitor beeped constantly, chipping a piece off of everyone who loved you and held you dear. We sat, unable to heal your sickness. We watched you as you cried for release, or silently took the beating of what your body was inflicting on you. Your body was not made for this Earth, that was obvious and sorely true. But you taught us that none of our bodies were made to inhabit this place. You taught us that death is real and what the world defined as ‘ugly’ is more than beautiful in the eyes of Jesus. Your life was a picture of the Gospel – you taught people the true meaning of Jesus hanging on the cross, and words never even left your mouth.

Blakely, I miss you. I miss you a whole lot. I still remember the last day we had together, the day that we sang worship over you and hugged you for the final time. I remember the cords and breathing tubes, yet I recall you waking up and opening your big blue eyes. You looked right at me, Blakely. Did you know that? You looked right at your Aunt Bridget. But Blakely, in that moment I knew – I knew that you were ready to go home. You exuded peace in a way I had never felt in my own life with that one look. Your seizures were no more, you were ready.

I love you, Blakely. Jesus gave me the greatest gift of being one of the people in your life that got to hold you the most. Jesus brought me to Citrus County to witness you life and be transformed by you in a bigger way than I even imagined. Thank you, Blakely. Thank you for letting me be apart of your life. I can’t wait to see you again soon. I can’t wait to be your Aunt in Heaven.

Aunt Bridget

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