Blakely Article

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to write about Blakely for a group called Churches for Life. They have an online website called

You can read the full article by clicking on the Blakely Article hyperlink below:

Blakely Article

Here is brief excerpt:

“One of the first questions that came into my mind was: is it worth having this baby at all? I wanted to hit a restart button like you do in a video game. I wanted a second chance at this baby thing. I wanted a redo, a mulligan. It was surprisingly difficult to find the value in taking a baby to full-term that is inevitably going to die. At the same time the inner “Christian” voice inside was saying, “Michael, this baby will be a miracle baby. If you have enough faith, your child will be healed and it will bring God glory!” The conflict between these two sides was filled with shame. I felt shame for thinking that my child was not worth it and I felt shame for not having enough faith.”

Thank you for reading and following our story. We love you!

Mikey, Emily, Blakely and Tripp

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